Red Bull
Role: Graphic Designer
Agency: Trevor//Peter Comm.
Oct. 2013
Toronto was announced to host the 2013 World DJ Championship. Redbull reached out to Trevor//Peter to help communicate the festivities on various mediums. As designer, I created vector illustrations used for event posters & album covers.


Vector Illustrations
We we're briefed weeks leading upto the event and had an idea of what type of illustrations we may need for various mediums. The examples below were created using Adobe Illustrator.

Event Posters
Using details from the intial brief, event posters were created communicating the contestants, date and time of the Final match. After careful revision and approval from an Art Director, a final draft was packaged and sent for offset printing.

Album Covers
For those who attended the Final match, an album cover with pertinent information on event festivities were handed out to spectators. After several revisions with Art Directors and Copywriters, the 12-page event booklet was packaged and sent to print.