Golf Town
Role: Web & Graphic Designer
May 2017 - Dec. 2018
Landing Pages / Microsites
Problem: Built on a old platform, had many restrictions on how product was displayed, which created limitations on how users view new product on all devices. With new inventory on the way, Golf Town’s marketing team was in need of a new way communicate product on an aspirational level.

Solution: Starting with a wireframe, the Marketing team comprised a grid of various looks users can shop by. The grid featured product closeups highlighting pieces that complete the model’s look. As Designer, I created an external responsive landing page outside of the old platform using HTML, CSS & JS.

Result: Using Google Analytics - session time on the page iteself spiked 33% compared to the homepage. Users were engaged and stayed longer.
(View live example here.)

Email Marketing Campaigns
Problem: Informing customers of new and unsuspecting Jordan brand product releases.

Solution: Design an HTML email blast dedicated to Golf Town’s subscriber base, building hype and anticipation towards new releases.

Results: Using only email to promote - Within 6 hours of the shoes being available, they sold out. We’ve had 6 different Jordan brand releases since using this template, all with similar outcomes.
(View live example here)

Motion Graphics (NowWeGolf)
Problem: Golf is a 7-month sport in Canada, the Golf Town shopper (multi-sports enthusiasts) doesn’t typically have golf in mind during colder months.

Solution: To create awareness of the up and coming golf season during NHL playoffs using various 5-10 sec motion graphic ads. I created animations with Adobe After Effects.

Result: The “Now We Golf” campaign was a Golf Town first, the ads ran during the 2017 & 2018 NHL playoffs recieving acclaim from Twitter Canada and various news outlets.

Merch & Swag
Brooke Henderson is a Canadian professional golfer on the LPGA Tour and an official Golf Town athlete. For her hometown stop at the Ottawa CP Women's Open, the Golf Town marketing team created the #BrookesBrigade campaign. Complete with branded t-shirts and other exclusive branded items, some of which recieved national attention. We created the identity, merch & swag items using Adobe InDesign & Illustrator, Photoshop.

Motion graphics (Social Media)
As part of a social calendar - I was tasked with creating weekly content for Golf Town (Instagram stories, static posts, banners & etc). Below are examples of 5 sec instagram stories and facebook posts. These pieces were created using: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop & Media Encoder.


The video below summarizes some of Golf Town's best marketing moments of 2017.