Role: Lead Graphics & UI/UX Designer
Status: Shipped
Jan. 2015 - May. 2017

411.ca is an online business directory founded in 2007, that today averages +30MM annual visitors.

Since launch, web standards have changed for mobile responsiveness. By 2015, - 411.ca became home to 20,000+ paid advertisers who use the premium listing services to promote their business. As design lead - I was tasked with creating a fully-responsive intuitive redesign of the existing platform:  
Research & Planning
To start: Our analytics needed to tell us:
1) How do users interact with the existing site?
2) What devices users do users prefer?
3) Which screen size should be optimial?


User Personas
We created personas with assumptions, then used research to validate. Instead of spending months in the feild interviewing people, we spent hours creating proto-personas. Creating proto-personas are our best guess as to who is using (or will use) 411.ca and why:

We spent two weeks creating low and high fidelity wireframes with pen and paper, then Photoshop. Starting with the more utilized pages:
1) Home Page (Discovery)
2) Search Results
3) Business Profile
4) Edit Profile


Agile & Scrum Process
Scrum is an agile way to manage a project, usually in software development. For this build we utilized a tool called scrumdo to manage design tickets amongst developers. Each ticket contains a user story scenario for context.
We spent a week creating the prototype using Invision to ensure that our developers, marketers, and executives were committed to the new direction. We showed the wireframes to paid advertisers, getting two rounds of feedback over the course of five days, and we ended up with a clickable prototype:

Edit profile: View prototype here.
On July 1st 2017, a BETA version of a responsive 411.ca was launched.
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